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October 17, 2015

245. Child of Time


This thought
A child of time
Has no roots, to hold
Has no fruits, to bear
Then come its sisters
And it finds roots, to bear
Then come its brothers
And it finds fruits, to hold

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September 13, 2015

227. Marbles


As marbles we were rolled
Upon this fresh soil called life
Some large, some small
Some fell on silk
Some on grass

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January 7, 2014

147. Clock On The Wall

O clock on the wall
You move on, never slow
As I rise in life or fall
Your lesson, I need to know

Your hands never stop
Never caught in past
Into future you never drop
Only the present does last

You have seen my life
From birth, till the present
My ordeals and strife
Success in past, recent

I love your deep silence
Of truth you always remind
To meditate with presence
Observe long, never bind

With your constant movement
In life, I move with hope
I feel content, confident
A past to forget and cope

You are spiritual, divine
If world exists or not
Your peace, the only sign
Never excited, never to rot

A deep tenet to live by
To never hurry or wait
Be with time, never shy
A positivity straight

December 28, 2013

131. Be One With Time

Let time be your shoes
May you never linger
Or have moments to choose
Be your own harbinger

May you keep moving
Let stations in mind disappear
Find pleasure of traveling
On your feet, year on year

Though mind be clean
The heart may give in
From pain, pleasures seen
Leading to unintended sin

May you flow with the wind
Sail forever on life’s ocean
Your purpose, never rescind
To move on, the only reason

Let your legs be hands of clock
Pass through the rain, storm
Keep tapping at future to knock
Let not the fog of dualities form

Save explanation with a smile
Let the past speak for itself
Let thought be on the next mile
Step ahead, no stopover on self

Life, a one way trip
No place to dawdle or stop
Keep time as the grip
For you’re always mid-way to the top

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