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January 15, 2016

Need I Fear


Need I fear your words
hot as coals
Need I fear your eyes
sharp as arrows
Need I fear your silence
dark as caves
Need I fear your reasoning
heavy as rocks

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October 18, 2015

247. Snowballs


The snowballs come
The grizzly bears look up

A sledge upon these feet
Armed with a fur of wisdom
Finds edges to glide between
foxes rushing down in hunger
in these round furs of snow

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April 3, 2014

175. Hope

Life with no direction
By all dreams, undone
Clogged in every notion
Nowhere to move or run

Into the folds of stillness
Holding an edge of time
On the steps of loneliness
With hope in arm, sublime

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January 14, 2014

156. Life, A Fine Camera Shot

Life, a fine camera shot
Be clear with what to shoot
Only one chance you got
Clean lens first from dirt, soot

Stay in your present moment
Have patience at heart
Be subject near or distant
Check the view in every part

Be flexible to change position
For the perfect snap
Lose yourself by captivation
Let the moment enwrap

Be aware of the truth in real
Though picture be beautiful
To keep trying, the ideal
It is only your eyes, be mindful

Check for the light
Adjust zoom, focus for detail
Hold camera tight
Catch the moment without fail

There is no shortcut or guile
To photograph, a refined art
A struggle, to live with smile
With no ending and no start

Life, a fine camera shot
To be one with real, the goal
Learn from this lesson taught
Take the picture as a whole

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