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June 7, 2014

187. If This Were My Last Day

A question, asked for pleasure
To unnerve the restless mind
A choice given, hard to measure
On your last living day to find

If this were my very last day
Would I do things I did not?
Would I look at sun’s ray?
Would I act or be lost in thought?

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May 27, 2014

185. Meaning of ‘I’

In the quest to find
Elusive meaning of ‘I’
By innards of mind
A question deep, dry

In a search to immerse
By an unseen desire
As gravity of universe
High voltage of live wire

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January 15, 2014

159. Source Of Positive Energy

The source of optimism
Comes not from conclusions
Or as opposite of pessimism
It arises from asking questions

Questions one has to ask
Are of categories two
If understood, not a big task
Simple to know, pursue

First thing is to be
Of direction outward
To dispassionately see
Not rely entirely on word

It all lies in to find
Do they observe in peace
Or with an irrational mind
Only two possibilities

If with observation
You learn something new
If by nature irrational
You have a power to value

Power over their emotion
You can positively use
Be able to guide their notion
Let happiness diffuse

The source of positive energy
Thus lies simply in questioning
To keep seeking to eternity
An open mind with no ending

December 28, 2013

129. First Things First

Newspaper, dinner menu, TV

A book, game or an art

One decision decides destiny

To know the direction of heart

Life, a puzzle irreversible

A jigsaw to forever confuse

Indecision makes love inedible

A fact one cannot refuse

Self-help books galore

Each with a lesson for optimism

Yet with little answer in store

As hard as Confucianism

Often life is Greek to me

Drowned by multiple priorities

I cannot just let it be

Torn by dark dualities

Little respite from this agony

A conundrum staring in the eye

Making my soul a malady

Wings slashed, no desire to fly

As I meditate on it with resolve

An answer transpires in mind

A simple question to solve

To ask oneself honestly to find

As an artist to design

Ask, “What do I want to get?”

Make a clearly drawn line

Mull for months till the answer is set

© Venkat

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