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September 10, 2015

224. Thought is a Bird


Thought is a bird
In these hands
Wings flapping

Thought is a bird
With one home
Seldom on same branch

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May 25, 2014

184. If I Were A Lion

If I were a lion, wild
A man-eater born
Eyes hard, nails filed
Standing on a deer horn

From the Lord’s lap
I descend on earth
Laying a grave trap
His message on girth

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July 16, 2013

104. Two Realities

Two thoughtful eyes

A single goal in sight

Squirming as trapped mice

Find the edge of light

A life of forty years

Seemed like darkness

Sounds of a new truth to ears

Shook me senseless

Truth may be God

But with two faces

A mind not as broad

Loses speed by traces

Answer from a logical grit

Holds no water

Until someone lives by it

Comes to grip with the matter

Truth is just a word

Without your role

A flightless bird

A life without soul

A world cruel

Makes you agree

To lose the duel

Get votes for free

On my gone life, a note with ruth

A life meaningful to admit

Happens not by someone’s truth

But by your alignment to it

© Venkat

July 16, 2013

103. Cologne

On a morning sky, dark cloud

Dwarfed by a monument around

Magnificence of the Dom to enshroud

A heart touched by the prayer, no sound

Gentle breeze of the mighty Rhein

Colored love locks by the railing

Trains on the bridge, an indelible sign

Distant cable cars over water, sailing

A quiet walk by the promenade

Boats big and small moving

Cargo, freight cruising for trade

An imagery to set the heart pulsing

A city with imprints on my mind

Though only an hour went past

I saw more than what I tried to find

Cologne, gave a memory to last

© Venkat

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