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September 11, 2015

225. Hallucination


It seemed
Being a perfect fit

It seemed
Being a misfit

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September 9, 2015

223. Shape We Do


Shape we do
Morning to night
Birth to death

Shape we do
Of perfect corners
Sharp edges
Strong sides

Shape we do
Rubbing our will
Upon muscles
Of our empty hearts

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January 11, 2014

152. Life is Not Easy

Life lies only in present moment
A moment of observation
Changing as colour of firmament
Giving ephemeral sensation

Life lies only in one feeling
Feeling giving way to another
Without analysis or lingering
No past or future to bother

Life lies only in one goal
To find bliss in everything
A joy to make one whole
Message of oneness pervading

Life lies only in one thought
To challenge itself forever
Throw light where it is not
Know oneself better

Life lies only in one philosophy
To believe in our indivisible nature
No lack in us or added ability
Each equal, whatever be stature

Life lies only in one ideal
To control physical sense
See the invisible as real
Judge genuine from pretence

Life is not easy as it may sound
To read it thorough, inside out
Often we get emotionally bound
To understand it, one must doubt

January 9, 2014

148. A Wonder To The Eye

It is so varied in form
I cannot explain why
A presence to break norm
Without it, life is dry

I see it when you attract
When you succeed, win
A warmth never to retract
Making heart lighter to begin

I see it when you forgive
When compassionate
Without it, no meaning to live
Made of genuine love, innate

I see it when you are amused
When you wallow in pleasure
Spreading as a scent diffused
Giving moments to treasure

I see it when you enjoy
When mischievous
At times it has a ploy
With a motive sensuous

I see it when you self-realize
When you express in courtesy
It has no weight, yet free size
To expect back, not a policy

It is a wonder to the eye
Said to be worn always
In various shades to feel high
It is the smile on your face

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