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July 27, 2015

220. Waves


Souls, we touch never
Held tense in these isolated ponds
This world made, in mistaken beliefs
Of flat, perfect still waters, to flow into heaven

Souls, we touch ever
Waves, of pulsing vibrations
Wearing waters, of mountains, valleys
Sing a chorus, through the holes in our hearts
Moving ever, on the sands of heaven


July 13, 2014

197. Five Elements

Fame, a sweet poison
Concocted by own thought
Standing on a reason
With long fears, fraught

Success, a strange fruit
Taking years of labor to bear
Yet lost in selfish pursuit
As a tree with nothing to share

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June 11, 2014

189. Rejoice, Hand In Glove

Speculate not on the bell
On what it did before
On its shapely metal
Or history of the ore

Rejoice in its sound, whole
Become one with peace
Listen to language of soul
Where world comes to cease

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April 18, 2014

180. Where Life Is Only Given


Let your feelings fly
Into a cup’s allure
Cries wet, tears dry
Thorns you endure

Fall free, into an ocean
With your heavy scream
Deep as into a cup’s potion
Let yourself into this dream

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