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January 11, 2014

152. Life is Not Easy

Life lies only in present moment
A moment of observation
Changing as colour of firmament
Giving ephemeral sensation

Life lies only in one feeling
Feeling giving way to another
Without analysis or lingering
No past or future to bother

Life lies only in one goal
To find bliss in everything
A joy to make one whole
Message of oneness pervading

Life lies only in one thought
To challenge itself forever
Throw light where it is not
Know oneself better

Life lies only in one philosophy
To believe in our indivisible nature
No lack in us or added ability
Each equal, whatever be stature

Life lies only in one ideal
To control physical sense
See the invisible as real
Judge genuine from pretence

Life is not easy as it may sound
To read it thorough, inside out
Often we get emotionally bound
To understand it, one must doubt

December 28, 2013

129. First Things First

Newspaper, dinner menu, TV

A book, game or an art

One decision decides destiny

To know the direction of heart

Life, a puzzle irreversible

A jigsaw to forever confuse

Indecision makes love inedible

A fact one cannot refuse

Self-help books galore

Each with a lesson for optimism

Yet with little answer in store

As hard as Confucianism

Often life is Greek to me

Drowned by multiple priorities

I cannot just let it be

Torn by dark dualities

Little respite from this agony

A conundrum staring in the eye

Making my soul a malady

Wings slashed, no desire to fly

As I meditate on it with resolve

An answer transpires in mind

A simple question to solve

To ask oneself honestly to find

As an artist to design

Ask, “What do I want to get?”

Make a clearly drawn line

Mull for months till the answer is set

© Venkat

December 1, 2012

76. Making Sense of Perfection

To a gymnast

A sense of timing

A glory to last

Joy of executing

To a carpenter

A sense of measure

An edge of a cutter

To sharpen, a pleasure

To a student

A sense of score

Make sound judgment

Excellence to the core

To a musician

A sense of sound

Elements of expression

Take to a higher ground

To each person

A meaning of perfection

With a single flaw, undone

A cause for tension

Nature of mind

Unable to accept

Trying hard to find

Losing what is kept

I spent my life

To answer the question

Man’s need to perfect, rife

A demand for explanation

Perfection, not a goal

But a view of the eye

To fit pieces of the whole

Not hard if you try

When a wrong

Is no longer so

You become strong

Out of a mind narrow

When a fault

Merges with virtue

You can exalt

No longer argue

When disorder

Equates to clarity

You reach the border

Of perfect sanity

© Venkat

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