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October 18, 2015

247. Snowballs


The snowballs come
The grizzly bears look up

A sledge upon these feet
Armed with a fur of wisdom
Finds edges to glide between
foxes rushing down in hunger
in these round furs of snow

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January 3, 2014

138. Nature’s Voice in Man

Wish, a fluttering bee
Flying miles in life’s garden
To be by flowers, roam free
Make honey sweet, golden

Will, a butterfly of pattern
Trying to break free
From a dark cocoon, yearn
For a ray of light to see

Motive, a determined ant
Moving on and on
On ways, straight or slant
To achieve, it is born

Patience, a quiet turtle
Hard on the outside
To life’s rough battle
A shelter own, to hide

Courage, a tiger firm
Going for the kill
Making others squirm
Command with skill

Focus, a horse of muscle
Taking strides long
Speeding to goal with a bustle
Untiring till its swansong

Nature, an expression
Of unfelt inner qualities
To captivate attention
See life among wild trees

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