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December 31, 2013

134. Science of Giving

The art of living
Built on a simple tenet sweet
To know about giving
Where love and thought meet

To give, one must learn
Find about desire, need
When fire is to light, when burn
The time to reap, fruit from seed

To give, one must know
Read between the lines
See where mind does grow
Gather the intellect’s signs

To give, one must believe
In persistence, patience
Get answers, so questions leave
When understanding makes sense

To give, one must lose
Lose fear, inhibition
See nuances deep, to choose
Rise above passive emotion

To give, one must stand
For its own sake and meaning
Find a synergy grand
Feel the joy of getting in giving

December 28, 2013

129. First Things First

Newspaper, dinner menu, TV

A book, game or an art

One decision decides destiny

To know the direction of heart

Life, a puzzle irreversible

A jigsaw to forever confuse

Indecision makes love inedible

A fact one cannot refuse

Self-help books galore

Each with a lesson for optimism

Yet with little answer in store

As hard as Confucianism

Often life is Greek to me

Drowned by multiple priorities

I cannot just let it be

Torn by dark dualities

Little respite from this agony

A conundrum staring in the eye

Making my soul a malady

Wings slashed, no desire to fly

As I meditate on it with resolve

An answer transpires in mind

A simple question to solve

To ask oneself honestly to find

As an artist to design

Ask, “What do I want to get?”

Make a clearly drawn line

Mull for months till the answer is set

© Venkat

December 23, 2013

124. Just Being Around

Moments passing as balloons high

At the top of a rhythmic vibe

Rolling in togetherness, we fly

A constant caress to imbibe

When dreams bring fire

And emotions subside

When past burns in the pyre

Vanity buried deep with pride

Success stories standing tall

Come from one secret open

Stars of will shine, be it in free fall

When nothing in hand, broken

A book born from alphabet

Works of genius for simple reason

The world, an illusion if you let

Life, made as from bricks of a mason

Love needs no foundation

Knowledge, art gained sound

Growth from naivety to maturation

Come from just being around

© Venkat

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