August 20, 2017


The Moon I lit
         on my eyes
Gave a thousand candles
         on my palms

The Sun I set
         in my heart
Gave a thousand rays
         in my mind
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August 20, 2017


A fox
    head high, lips of a cave
    etched a rock
    strokes loud, killer teeth
‘This cave, dark as coal’
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August 20, 2017


Drops of light fell
      on my eyes of snow
Drops of light, fresh and wet
Drops from shivering clouds
      clouds, of rain and thunder
They poured the same
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August 20, 2017


Waves, they rolled
       on yesterday’s sand
Waves, they filled
       footprints of the heart

Waves, they gave
       a page to dream on
Waves, they took
       words of yesterday
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