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October 10, 2015

241. Words, Daily


Words my friend, turn mountains
Make stars and moon shy behind
From luxurious fantasies
You lie upon, daily

Words my friend, turn oceans
Give shells in the deep, a chance
From silences of self
You touch upon, daily

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April 10, 2014

177. Creatures

In old unkempt homes
You see nature’s features
Wild wonders as gnomes
Hidden tiny creatures

Lizards behind the light
Or by hung wall paintings
Frozen for hours, tight
Bite wall moths, no feelings

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July 16, 2013

105. Blue, Green and White

Blue, green and white

Colors strike deep

Shot like arrows in the night

Linger feelings during sleep

Lounge by clear water

Quiet swans on the blue bed

Nature remains, people scatter

Best parts left unsaid

A dream to be a wing

On earth’s green sheath

Nestled on her lap to sing

Not a moment to breathe

Slither by the cold side

Heaven’s white kiss called snow

When you stand or ride

A cosmic magic, no halo

Blessed by the eyeful sight

Submerged in wonder at hand

Among blue, green and white

Shook forever by Switzerland

© Venkat

July 16, 2013

103. Cologne

On a morning sky, dark cloud

Dwarfed by a monument around

Magnificence of the Dom to enshroud

A heart touched by the prayer, no sound

Gentle breeze of the mighty Rhein

Colored love locks by the railing

Trains on the bridge, an indelible sign

Distant cable cars over water, sailing

A quiet walk by the promenade

Boats big and small moving

Cargo, freight cruising for trade

An imagery to set the heart pulsing

A city with imprints on my mind

Though only an hour went past

I saw more than what I tried to find

Cologne, gave a memory to last

© Venkat

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