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November 11, 2019


rivers of doubt have no seas
some words come not from buds
sparrows know it better
as pink is to pigeons


October 22, 2019


knock knock knock
softer than a thought
quieter than the Sun
loud as dreams speak
they come from caves
where our lights not dare
for eyes made to knot
for hands which dream


tick tock tick tock
longer than wolves
embers in memory
coiled as wormed clocks
from glasses we never pour
where hearts care to neigh
in ears built to give
for tables which make

squirrels in aged hollows
in the bark of every thought


October 17, 2019

Dreams In Wait

where light dines on this moon
where I saved these eyes
from the world I carry not
places where lights think not
where dreams lie in wait
for the eyes, which sing long
where doors are blind
and carpets famished
these fingers find their mind
to let hearts be on their own


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October 16, 2019




in thick memory

vultures in ice

one by one, on and on

smoke sleepless

woolly silence white


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