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June 22, 2017

Circus of Love

Will your wisdom match, a love I know
Will your love match, a wisdom I know

Will this circus give, a joy we know
Will this joy give, a circus we know

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June 22, 2017

Valentine Poem

Contributed to Poet’s Corner earlier last year

As I knocked the door, we made
Your steps knocked, my mind

As I left this world, in my shoes
Your heart left its smile, in my eyes

As I wrote words, on the window moon
Your fingers wrote, on my shoulder

As I held pauses, strung on your voice
Your gaze held a song, on my arms

As I played with the stars, on the sands
Your love played with my heart, on the waves

October 3, 2016



Come, a cocktail for you
For your mixed feelings
In this hurricane of words

When the skies were wide
And you longed for a game
You loved to stir thoughts
And floated on cubes of wonder

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October 3, 2016



May I find a shoe, fit and fine
With a star’s sparkle on the edge
May it forget not, to pinch
To feel truths I step on, as mine

May I find a shoe, firm and agile
With a horse’s rhythm, engraved
May it forget not, to slow
To read people I carry, as mine

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