“Life is nothing to be very serious about. Life is a ball in your hands to play with. Don’t hold on to the ball. ~Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Now I have re-christened this site to “Pearls From The Dark” – a meaning closer to me and my life, having seen much more of it from its darker side. To me ‘Love’ is an act of ‘never give up’. It is the thread which stitches every ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ patch of our lives – both essential parts worn in a seamless way towards growth and on our paths to life’s truth. The words here have provided me the small sparks to show light around the objects I live with, in my eyes, heart and my mind. Maybe it gives enough light for you to identify with and relish the life in your world…

Thank you for stopping by! Happy reading. Hope you find the shadows in your light and the light in your shadows…


Earlier Welcome Note below – when this site was titled “Quatrains of a Novice Poet”…

My attempt here is at poems with an inclination towards rhyming in the form of Quatrains. My interest to pen them down started not by myself but from encouragement by my wife. Anything related to human relationships, spirituality and mind captivates me. Each piece of writing expresses my personal journey through the mysterious corners of inner life. An act of coming out of and maturing from disorder and negativity towards order, positivity. I find it very interesting to play with words and thoughts. I am from India, and live with my family in Bangalore. I love to write, spend time with family, travel, eat good homely food! I am glad wordpress gives the chance to see talented bloggers from around the world. I would be happy to read your thoughts on my posts!
~ Venkat

19 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Because you inspire and amaze me routinely, I have nominated you for “One Lovely Blog Award” You can accept honor and post seven things about your wonderful self! xo

  2. I must tell you that I SO LOVE your motto, and would like to include it in my small handful of words that sustain, and are gifts to pass on. I encourage you to keep putting your words, poetry out there–Wordpress is a wonderful giving community! God bless you.

  3. Hi Venkat, could you click follow top left on poets corner for me please, i have totally lost you from the authors dashboard, i may have to send you another invite as well.

  4. Thanks for liking my blog. I’ve checked yours out and enjoy it. I am nominating you for the Liebster Award, for details go to: http;//emilykarn.wordpress.com/awards/

  5. Hi, Venkat. I like your poem “Omnipresent” and would be honored to include it in a poetry anthology I’m compiling titled Heart Whispers. Please email me at russtowne@yahoo.com to let me know whether you would be interested in participating in this project with this poem. (We’ve communicated before about different poems.) Thank you!

  6. Hello – just wanted to say that I’ve nominated your lovely blog for the ‘One Lovely Blog’ award. Details on Jemverse here – http://jemverse.wordpress.com/2014/10/20/lovely-ii/. If your policy is not to accept awards, no worries. Big Smiles. Jem.

    • Thank you very much Jem. I am open for awards but when it comes to providing names of other favourite bloggers, I am blank as I do not follow any closely…Perhaps I am being too direct here. Sorry for that….I can answer all others except that one…

  7. I’ve just begun on the journey you embarked a few years ago. My wife is my inspiration to start writing poetry. Do check out some of my poems. Love your blog !

  8. Hello! This is Amreen Shaikh from Paint The World With Words and thank you for the follow!
    You have amazing blog & wonderful posts!
    I wished to contact you, but did not find a suitable contact ID, so could you please drop in your email ID on painttheworldwithwords@gmail.com


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