Self Inquiry – Part 3


As falsity flowed into truth
A river merged into an ocean
And I felt my toes, smooth as water

As the bad came into good
Young drops tapped into a river
And I felt the fingers, shine as water

As ignorance dissolved into knowledge
Clouds in courage entered into drops
And I felt my skin, melt the muscles

As wrong slipped into arms of right
Leaves let drops be on wide bosoms
And I felt the mind, clear as a fluid

As the dark filled emptiness of wisdom
Flowers stepped out from womb of leaves
And I felt my heart, spread its wings

Unifying this world
And my thoughts
In colors flying into infinity
I felt the ocean, of life

Then I let my spirit open
From this body of water
To this world, till it vibrated
Into a land of pearls
With arms longing, for dreams untouched


3 Comments to “Self Inquiry – Part 3”

  1. The imagery in the last stanza is breathtaking. Whisked me away to another world. Beautiful poem:)

  2. Because I love your poetry, I’m nominating you for the “3 Days 3 Quotes” Challenge. You can find the details on my page.

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