Digital Hearts


Ah, these buttons
Upon nimble fingers
In a speed smart, it runs
Proud, as time surrenders

Ah, this newborn song
Upon these ears online
Shrunk a world, born long
Lost, in an electronic wine

Ah, a kewl conversation
Finds love, on a digital heart
Flowers shy, in consternation
Loving cats, as humans outsmart

Ah, images of pixels from our lung
Upon threads left on this web
Fruits now feel guilty, being hung
Waves grope for breath, as they ebb

Ah, games of computed demons
Flashing their animated skins
Children now email cheese in buns
Grandpa, at an uncared corner, grins

Ah, yarns of messages, synthesize
Shaping this polyester lifestyle
Distanced from arms, an intimacy to prize
A compressed freedom in millimeters, legs now zipped the mile



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