222. Who Am I?

Am I an ‘A’?
one eye high, towards the end
the other down, towards the now
and a third, to keep both even

Am I a ‘B’?
one side flat, in principled logic
the other curvy, in artistic stroke
and a third, to glue them into one

Am I a ‘C’?
however rounded, I might seem
in perfectly smooth wisdom
there remains a gap ever, to close

Am I a ‘D’?
two ways for sure, to the end
a straight beaten path, shorter
the other fun roundabout, longer

Am I an ‘E’?
organised in every part
what becomes of a cupboard
with no shelves?

Am I an ‘F’?
to remind of more freedom
being near the ground
less room at the top

Am I a ‘G’?
so people could hang their worries
as coats upon the hook
to feel better

Am I an ‘H’?
to see where I stood at birth
where I would, in the end
with only one path destined, to see so

Am I an ‘I’?
do I need much around
to keep firm, to stand tall

Am I a ‘J’?
so I carry past lessons in the back
but no containers of expectation, in the future

Am I a ‘K’?
to shine as a fine mirror
and help others notice themselves
as do waves of light

Am I an ‘L’?
to know for sure
to move unconditionally to the ‘right’
to tower upward into the skies

Am I an ‘M’?
to realise that one needs to go deeper
to reach its core central meaning
from either direction

Am I an ‘N’?
life is after all about beginning
all over again, from where we start

Am I an ‘O’?
a wheel to move on, ever
bearing the holes in my heart

Am I a ‘P’?
to feel my half, to never give away
to feel the other, to ever give away

Am I a ‘Q’?
to be the monkey, I ever hide
in the mischievous tail, within

Am I an ‘R’?
to know the neat face at the top
May have a dangling string attached, down

Am I an ‘S’?
to identify my positives, in negatives
just a matter of direction

Am I a ‘T’?
to grow horizontal
when vertical has reached, the ceiling

Am I a ‘U’?
maybe one portion in me hits down
yet there is another shooting up

Am I a ‘V’?
to be aware of this powerful thought
we may fall in another place than planned
we may rise in another place than intended

Am I a ‘W’?
life may give paths that zig zag
we need then to be doubly sharp
on our toes

Am I an ‘X’?
to see the danger signals
of opposing directions
in relationships

Am I a ‘Y’?
to make ideas, of every direction
find the same single purpose

Am I a ‘Z’?
sure, a step back does help
to make our steps forward, bold


2 Comments to “222. Who Am I?”

  1. This is fantastic! Beautifully imagined! Will definitly stop by to ponder and pore over it! Regards.

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