215. Strength

as strange as it seems
a thought true, it deems
meaning of our strength
from a peace in length

to sing the same song
be it against or along
as currents of a strong river
in a happy flow, no shiver

torn by good and evil apart
placed on shrine of our heart
do we hold firm to a stance
look back so, at devil’s glance

as wounds in life we gather
on its pieces, broken farther
do we see a light in the end
measure our shadows to mend

as this sound reverberates
do we hear the saints, greats
who in deeds found the glue
a oneness of love held by few

a matter of deep unfelt position
to handle life’s contradiction
as a ball we bounce around
lying never on same ground

a true test of one’s living soul
to accept every point as whole
of equanimity ever on each face
brings strength to battle the race


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