207. Touch Me Not

beware! touch me not
to human feel, I am thorn
of temper, boiling hot
in fires of dry desert, born

in my wounds of past
seas of unheard tears
in nightmares, aghast
screams numb, by fears

deep in life’s four walls
crimes with no corners
a world subdued, false
shameless mourners

a society stoic, ill-bred
ripped conscience, apart
every opportunity, a bed
make gory evils jumpstart

as I sweat in these unsocial fires
dragged by hard weight of time
no justice, heart of no desires
tears piercing, unforgivable crime

let screams of this hollow lung
be heard for miles in every mind
bring remorse where guilt is hung
sow deep answers to a moral bind

one’s pleasure, another’s pain
may rain of truth fall, drop by drop
on the eyes of this unethical terrain
to reap one seed of love as crop


One Comment to “207. Touch Me Not”

  1. Venkat, like a diver you take me down into depths beyond my capacity to breathe much less to see or understand or even feel . . . I have been taking your words apart and putting them back together again in hope of hearing your voice but so far it has eluded me . . . But i’ll keep working at it . . .

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