203. A Love Beyond Distance

a distance untouched, far
sands of desert between
in love, yet unknown we are
a wonder with lives unseen

distance untraveled, wide
water of ocean unfelt still
by a love, yet we do abide
spirit of happiness we fillI

a distance so unmeasured
space between frozen stars
in a love deep, treasured
living by troubles sparse

distance to scale with age
as snowy mountains high, afar
by a love, we broke our cage
free from past wound, scar

a distance by poles in thought
on different planetary orbits
in love yet we are firm, taut
by acceptance, above conflicts

distance by nature irrational
as unending digits of number pi
by a love of truth unequivocal
to understand each sense, we try

a distance when we fail to see
begins a downfall of living
in mind as we let presumptions be
missing the art of humble giving


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