199. Workaholism

what we value much
goes beyond our touch
as we spend our time
killing ourself into crime

caught by job’s demand
we allow work to expand
drawn into proving our skill
inefficiencies in mind, fill

stretching for long hours
ironically makes it worse
no sign of quiet relaxation
bereft of ideas, in starvation

slogging on, as night falls
imprisoned within four walls
heavy on pressure, caffeine
losing health so, to medicine

no time for watching twilight
no pause for moments light
no attempt to draw the lines
no respite, aged weary signs

where we never apply force
to find the mending course
when we try to appreciate
our better values too late

let the mind be turned off
at overtime, you may scoff
let values left undesired
come back to life, inspired


2 Comments to “199. Workaholism”

  1. Good advice for the generation that comes after us . . .

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