195. A Happy Song

as finger tips tap
a tune on the edge
in sync as palms clap
turning heart by a wedge

as words rise in bubbles
levitating feelings high
erasing memories of troubles
happiness in eyes to fly

as joy oozes over the heart
feet sway in mellow symphony
time stirs with no end or start
a mind set in the wild, free

as moments breathe slow
linger waves of a paradise
a long ride down the snow
where thoughts flow as ice

as distant meadows invite
into strings woven to lift
as a soft breeze in flight
on a magic carpet adrift

as life bestows a nectar
upon pure deeds of love
an icing of sweet lustre
music of nightingales above

as roads we look upon
to travel far and long
with a smile to adorn
singing a happy song


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