194. Neither Locked, Nor Spilt

A scarlet deep sky of today
Could be silky azure of morrow
A white puffed cloud on the way
Can become heavy in its hollow

A thunder of past loud
May turn a quiet light of present
As flowers of moments proud
Become fruits in their descent

Webs ugly, in static corners
By prejudice, rigid habit
Unchanging as life shivers
Losing steam, unable to fit

With thoughts in the middle
Neither in heaven, nor hell
Life, no longer a riddle
Unlike corners under a spell

With happiness between
Neither at beginning, nor end
Life, never without sheen
Unlike edges steep to transcend

With hard labor in hand
Neither taken within, nor out
Life, an ocean of peace, grand
Unlike ragged shores of doubt

With love in the heart
Neither locked, nor spilt
Life, a balance in every part
Unlike extremes to the hilt


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