193. Music, Past and Present

As the world turned with time
From years of the past century
Music, evolved from country rhyme
As one opens pages of history

A melody for each soul
In a leap of joy or melancholy
Those times, you felt whole
Impeccable notes, no folly

Lines of depth for sure
To be one with Mother Nature
Healing one’s wounds, sore
Magic of love to every creature

With a theme and a message
It blended in your inner thought
Unlike music today, much in rage
Now, where popularity is bought

An orientation towards the visual
Music sits in the background
Bare bodies being more vocal
Strings of the soul lost in sound

Where have the lines gone
Of oneness with natural love
Being with a truth, as born
Alas, birds never seen above

Music seems to lose its sheen
With minds preoccupied, restless
Wonder of life, starlight unseen
Composed as modern, yet soulless


One Comment to “193. Music, Past and Present”

  1. Good critique of modern culture . . . Vapid . . .

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