185. Meaning of ‘I’

In the quest to find
Elusive meaning of ‘I’
By innards of mind
A question deep, dry

In a search to immerse
By an unseen desire
As gravity of universe
High voltage of live wire

On a world, in my path
From insanity’s dungeon
By sounds of an evil wrath
Alive yet in a fabric, God spun

Looking into my life, untold
As toads towards the sky
A picture mystical, yet old
Ageless tears in every cry

In movements frozen, to see
Lost complete, in a river of love
Come moments unaware to ‘me’
With His magic, hand in glove

Together in a passion’s flow
Deep as in a potter’s hand
A hand unknown, fires the glow
The potter cannot understand

When I lose sense of my own ‘I’
Become one with a spirit unseen
An ‘I’ separate from the eye
A world exists that’s never been

The answer to my spirited question
Into the unknown, lies in the unknown
As long as there exists a separation
From that comes ‘I’ to call one’s own


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