182. A Pause, Melodic

Stars of darkness may disappear
As Sun engulfs them out of sight
Love shining, eternal to you dear
Bright ever, as day’s sky in night

Leaves of green may turn to brown
As age ushers with its cloak of time
My love, fresh on your velvet crown
Ageless, glowing in youthful prime

Mind imaginary, may open awake
In attempts to equate real to unreal
Love made of dreams for your sake
Beyond measures of reality, ideal

Song of words, of melodious pauses
With a beginning, towards known ends
In a spirit universal, taming old senses
A love, timeless as cosmos suspends

Heart made of silk pulsing in and out
Written in boundaries of life’s seed
In energy unbound, I dispel all doubt
With my love’s halo around your need

Bubbles made of wonder glistening
To take aloft on a voyage skyward
Be one with space beyond reasoning
A voyage in our love, never backward


2 Comments to “182. A Pause, Melodic”

  1. Beautiful!

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