178. Heaven Of 3 Dimensions

In the search for words, deep
Separating each dimension of us
As between a dream and sleep
Some incomplete, some worse

Words, objects of perception
Some as marbles, smooth at heart
Others bleed, sharp in sensation
As we see, so they set us apart

In the nature of knowledge, pride
Times made memorable, sound
Not by observing the same side
But by turning the objects around

A world moving multidimensional
We still lie in an immature state
A mind bent quick, too emotional
Small success fetching a high rate

Our lives made of words of papers
Two sided, we are lost in reaction
A world undiscovered, vision tapers
Unfelt joy of words cubic in motion

Here lies a heaven of 3 dimensions
Hidden by clouds of selfish egoism
Man on earth, struggling in tensions
Looking towards his hell in stoicism

Apparent, man needs a 3D goggle
To experience joy of unbiased peace
As coexistence of views may baffle
One must often wear it with ease


2 Comments to “178. Heaven Of 3 Dimensions”

  1. Venkat, I liked the lines – ‘Our lives made of words of papers / Two sided, we are lost in reaction’ . . .
    Blessings . . .

    • Thank you Peter. I think you missed reading my last post in Poet’s corner (‘Small As Grain’). I drafted it directly in Poet’s Corner and by the time I finished, it got buried as an old post!

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