177. Creatures

In old unkempt homes
You see nature’s features
Wild wonders as gnomes
Hidden tiny creatures

Lizards behind the light
Or by hung wall paintings
Frozen for hours, tight
Bite wall moths, no feelings

Mosquitoes prying around
Loud on power outage nights
One must pray to sleep sound
Use measures against bites

Mouse creeping up drains
Loving kitchen sink the most
Out at night, leaving stains
Hence rat traps kept with toast

Cockroaches by numbers
Laying eggs on shelf corners
Into pipes as do plumbers
Sometimes on gas burners

Termites of plywood do come
Eating doors or even furnitures
Moving vertical, horizontal some
As fire, spread these creatures

Spiders, a sight often beheld
Spinning cobwebs of shine
With a skill unparalleled
Wonder on what they dine

Then there are bedbugs
Occasionally into quilts
Inching at times into rugs
Care, a must if health wilts

Not to mention black ants
They do find ways into home
Moving slow, food in scants
Forming lines as they roam

Of course swarms of flies
Perched on top of food, open
In scores as pied piper’s mice
One must never let happen

One could write on for pages
They can be found in reality
World’s slums, small villages
One must take heart with pity


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