174. Of Greatness


A tendency to finely define
Crosses my inquiring mind
To chisel by words to refine
Into depths of ocean to find

A meaning of being eminent
Of a distinguished presence
Pathways to pure excellence
Be out of ordinary, prominent

A picture emerges from depth
From a collage of knit thought
Clarity in length and breadth
Drawn to gather what it brought

Greatness not in attracting
In the wise pages of the great
Taking ideas ordinary, enacting
Living simple, nothing to prate

Excellence not in expectation
Of a reward or a blooming fruit
Moving on without distraction
As a patiently skilled art, mute

Prominence not in possessing
Keeping feelings to self, a sin
Soaked in open minded giving
A kind heart, happiness within

Fame, not a coveted dream
Of eminent people who shine
Making each moment seem
A script rare by God’s design



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