169. Do I Really Need?


Do I need your understanding?
To deal with my error
An attempt to make it pleasing
Can acceptance be a terror?

Do I need your words of praise?
To regain my confidence
An attempt to shelter always
Can courage make me tense?

Do I need your gentle bearing?
To consider, feel comfortable
An attempt to ease thinking
Can provocation make me unstable?

Do I need your instruction?
To perform my daily task
An attempt to give solution
Can love be a difficult ask?

Do I need your decision?
To care for life’s matter
An attempt of suggestion
Can an open mind shatter?

Do I need your encouragement?
To act, keep it moving
An attempt for achievement
Can motivation be unnerving?

Do I need your presence?
To align to ethics correct
An attempt to bring sense
Can integrity turn to deflect?



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