166. In The Eye Of My Mind

When others cease to exist
In the eye of my mind
I neither attack nor resist
My very best I do find

When others cease to talk
In the two humble ears
I neither obsess nor stalk
I listen, which I did not for years

When others cease to praise
My idea of achievement
I neither bend nor raise
I reach true contentment

When others cease to react
To my natural presence
I neither repel nor attract
With strength I cross the fence

When others cease to explain
For my known fault
I neither think nor look in vain
It does not matter if I halt

When others cease to complain
On my tangible weakness
I neither irritate nor writhe in pain
I see life in genuineness

When others cease to take interest
In my physical existence
I neither feel low nor on a crest
My birth on earth makes sense


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