164. Bound Together

If you were a needle
I would be the eye
Together we cuddle
Till the time to die

If you were a hole
I would be a thread
As parts of one whole
Stitch quarrels ill-bred

If you were a design
I would be the hand
Of true love divine
A composition grand

If you were a moon
I would be light
As music to a tune
Soothing the night

If you were a sound
I would be moving air
Making me feel abound
Yet inseparable as a pair

If you were fire
I would be the heat
A constant desire
To live by your feet

If you were a fruit
I would be skin
A protective suit
Enclosing you within


4 Comments to “164. Bound Together”

  1. wow! I really like the rhythm you create and the imagery you use! really good job! x

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