161. By The Wing Of Fire

Flying on a gentle edge
Of the wing of orange fire
Out from the smoky ledge
I consume what I desire

Spouting gallons of heat
I spill waves of freedom
Razing things to the feet
Black as universe, my kingdom

Shapeless red, I wear silence
No mercy in my anger
Unstoppable, my essence
To slice deep as dagger

Rage of my spirit, ageless
I am the Lord of Fire
Perched on a wing timeless
Of consequence, dire

With my fangs of energy
I slither on empty space
With flames, a synergy
I leave my venom’s trace

To heaven as I soar
Splitting my heart aloud
In every edge I roar
Lighting my face proud

Spreading the wing
I beget myself again
A magic I bring
Of warmth and pain


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