160. Positive Shades Of Silence

In your silence I get solace
A sense of acceptance
From troubles I face
Meaning I find in your stance

In your silence I feel happy
An understanding of need
In this world’s cruelty
Only you care for my deed

In your silence I begin to think
A position unwilling to yield
When events take me to brink
From my doubt, ways get revealed

In your silence I see a power
An strength to unnerve
In weakness when others cower
You give what they deserve

In your silence I observe more
A calmness in present, refined
Nuances from within come to fore
When my thoughts cease, I find

In your silence I gain curiosity
An attraction to converse
With connections by creativity
I find expressions diverse

In your silence I know belief
A persistent spirit to move on
Whether in joy or in grief
Look ahead as if they were gone


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