154. The Way You Bring Your Eyes

The way you move your eyes
Convey stories deep and true
As they fixate straight, rise
I can see anger come anew

The way you look away, shy
Seething with guilt hidden
As tired moments pass by
By thoughts you are undone

The way you see up and down
Tell about deep embarrassment
Times you almost feel as a clown
As it prolongs, begins to torment

The way you look askance
A finger on the empty chin
I see you critical in the glance
Furrows deep, indicating sin

The way your eyes get stuck
Caught with time, very slow
I see you worry, out of luck
As eyes swell, pain does grow

The way you look ahead, gaze
A constant twinkle with smile
I see love, wonder that amaze
Feelings high, non-verbal style

The way you bring your eyes
Bring the world in your heart
Unable to hide what underlies
A vision of truth you can’t thwart


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