151. Guiding Lights on Life’s Journey

You are the fire burning bright
Your words spark my thought
On my dark side, shedding light
By your heat, lessons taught

You are the water breathing life
Your actions seeping in my brain
Taking away my untold strife
Washing my impurities out to drain

You are the air, a gentle breeze
Your love swept me off the feet
Let stubborn anger, irritation cease
Made distance irrelevant to meet

You are the metal, standing strong
Your stance withstood my storm
Gave me answers to follow lifelong
In your presence, I began to form

You are the earth, giving balance
Your wisdom erasing my load
A life light with your brilliance
To quell enemies, being my road

You have a form, yet formless
An existence in mind powerful
Left in every part speechless
You are my only song joyful

Lord, I see you in others
Guiding lights on my journey
To make peace with my bothers
Turning life sweet, as honey


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