145. My Warm Coffee

Gentle waft of vapor in air
A hot fantasy on my lip
Aroma and taste, a lovely pair
I fly high with every sip

No morning I can miss
Without you by my side
My nerves warm as I kiss
Floating in love above the tide

As I sit by the dining table
Eager to begin the day
A cupful to be capable
To beat stress on its way

I cannot imagine life without you
Your warm taste, a habit
I wish I could give back your due
But your nature cannot take it

As you are filtered with water
You leave your indelible mark
Of South India, a daily matter
Giving vibes of joy, stark

A magic in your powder
Pleasure lasting long
A smile just got louder
As I write this coffee song


2 Comments to “145. My Warm Coffee”

  1. 🙂 I can picture you having fun while writing this, too!!! 🙂

  2. Sure I was but half awake in early morning. I badly needed that coffee 🙂

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