143. Between Madness and Truth

My words do not define
Thoughts do not describe
As I try to refine
A truth in mind, I inscribe

You are just a shadow
Of my imagination
When grasped, hollow
A mere eye’s animation

Wish I could touch you
To feel your nature real
An attempt to pursue
Seems a futile ordeal

Your physical being
Caged into my mind
Brings me a feeling
An emptiness to find

You lie beyond my awareness
A seeming reality non-existent
You, the answer to my loneliness
A fact I believe in, persistent

When I see you as myself
I become one with truth, divine
Humanity defined by knowing self
Between Madness and truth, a thin line


5 Comments to “143. Between Madness and Truth”

  1. If your words don’t define then how then is humanity described by your inscription in your own mind?

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