125. The Real Human Touch

The real human touch
First meets in the mind
Ironical it might seem much
With wisdom you will find

Attraction builds castles in the air
Yet lies a terrain to cross
To make haste, expect unfair
A dreamy eye, your loss

In each of us lies an inner body
In common language called mind
Without it in shape, outer shoddy
A nature between, a strong bind

The mind, much beautiful
You can see only when you give
To crave and take, an idea regretful
In meeting of minds, we truly live

Life is meant to challenge thought
Without denying shapely feeling
Unless two minds rub a lot
There is no scope of touching

What appears to the physical eye
A reflection of our own impression
In every sense, the world’s a lie
From only dialogue, comes sensation

The crave for feedback on internet
Through social networking
Our narcissism, you can bet
A virtual illusion in our own making


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