123. Squabble Trouble

As a mongoose and snake

We humans love to fight

A poisoned life to take

Rabid forces of wrong and right

At the crack of dawn

By a sunset moment

On the porch, bed, lawn

Every situation present

Endless hurt rusting life

Oil of love ebbing in flow

Misunderstanding rife

Stress bursting to blow

Moments to blame others

Yet some hold oneself so

Seeing thorns in flowers

Splitting hairs, feeling low

Troubles with our vision

A response with a lag of time

Being logical with emotion

Emotive when thoughts rhyme

Fools we certainly are

Yet foolish to feel so

Trivial though, it takes us far

Care for thought to know

We do behave nasty

Yet nastier to see it as ‘wrong’

To not accept, an insanity

Care for emotion long

© Venkat


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