121. Beyond Reach

As a soft breeze on a tender leaf

You scrape my heart across the seas

As a fresh dew on my delicate grief

You leave me with momentary peace

As a caress of petals on the moon

You touch my dreamy eye

A gentle song in my nerve to croon

On a bed of sponge to fly

You dwell on a stairway to nowhere

Beyond my worldly sensation

My brows raise in despair

You live in my own creation

On a distant corner of heaven

You float through me as a cloud

As I traverse the seas seven

Your ears deaf to my cries loud

My words beyond your reach

Drowned in your sound of melody

With strands of my ego to preach

My struggle to love, my tragedy

Separated by silence of space

You live across a remote mountain

To reach you by my love’s grace

As catching butterflies, lies in vain

© Venkat


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