119. Strings Of Poetry

See sounds of a distant drum

Part with emotion, to make whole

Fingers weaving a magic to hum

On feathers of one’s soul

Trail of heaven on the page

Giving wings to love

Blooming petals of language

Fragrant showers from above

Finding strands of thought

From pieces of destruction

Screaming with a pen taut

Healing humanity’s lesion

A limitless aim to search

In trying to be

An edge of universe to perch

Let death be free

Fingers with no pursuit or goal

Turning stones to gold

Let nerves speak eye’s soul

Paint pictures of a world untold

Poetry, not an elusive mystery

But a miracle invisible

To uncover it, a mastery

Baking words, to make edible

© Venkat


3 Responses to “119. Strings Of Poetry”

  1. I liked your line “On feathers of one’s soul”. I am now following your blog.

    • Glad you enjoyed the line. It gives me pleasure to have you as follower. I never thought my blog would grow to this extent especially starting on poetry just around 2 years back.


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