117. Search for Meaning

Words glued in mind

Play your voice forever

Urging an attempt to find

From my soul in mirror

Boomerang of thoughts

Magnify my feeling

Left in tatters by knots

Lost in search for meaning

Words unheard to ears

Turn weapons of heart

Springing fountain of fears

Cracking my soul apart

Gentle art of reading

Absent in my hollowness

A steep cliff of meaning

Sliding me into emptiness

For freedom I pray

To read the cunning reality

Chisel my own pathway

From human insanity

Wearing a cloak of hope

To split the mind’s cloud

Discovering ways to cope

An answer comes out loud

As the nature of gold

Heated to melt, be shaped

Meanings to see, of words untold

Emerge from struggles I escaped

© Venkat


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