113. Little by Little

Mighty mountains on Earth

On molecules of rock

Entire Human race by birth

On genome sequences in stock

Tiny strands of nerve

Make the limbs alive

Little chemicals in brain serve

To let sanity survive

Take few moments to step back

Slow down your thought

Significant beauty, timely knack

Have miniscule secrets, untaught

A reality of today

To achieve perfection quickly

Recipe of impatience and fray

Unworkable solutions, unworthy

Little actions of small stature

Lead to irreversible change

In line with mechanism of nature

An evolution over a time range

From art to relationship

Greatness comes from the basic

Move a step today, take this tip

To go miles, little by little is the trick

© Venkat


4 Comments to “113. Little by Little”

  1. Great thought in this verse.

    So what is it we need to do to hold this perspective of seeking sustainable change rather than hankering for superficial quick-fixes?


    • Hi Shakti,
      Thanks for your time and comment. I only wrote what I went through in thought or feeling. At the point when I wrote this, I realized that our (at least mine) perception of change needs some correction. Just achieve a “micro-success” each day and slowly see the effect over a period of time.

  2. I love this – particularly the first stanza – what inspired it?

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