102. Islands We Live In

Little did I realize

The islands we live in

Blinded by emotive lies

A rush of passion within

Desires of past, out of place

Jumping the proverbial gun

A virile ego with a trace

Assuming I was fun

We are not as close

As we quickly imagine

Relationship is work on the toes

To be real, not maudlin

Sober thoughts in agony

Bring me back to basics

Shedding my thoughts loony

To learn more of life’s tricks

The islands we live in

Pull me closer to the bridge

To be aware of my ignorance, sin

And climb the remaining ridge

No longer attached

To my own perception

Knowing what it lacked

I left behind my illusion

I cannot wait anymore

With liberty in the pocket

Know the classic lore

A miracle on my target

© Venkat


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