101. Fragile Balance

Colors of life galore

In many a different shade

Gaudy, mania excites to the fore

Pale, depressive dies to fade

The mind bends by inches

Feelings above the line

Crossing limits by wrenches

Showing an imbalanced sign

Man’s eternal attraction

Nothing short of fatal

By trespasses, exclusion

Perhaps from an age, prenatal

Little does he realize

To condemn a wrong

Beyond its nature and size

Does not keep him strong

To glorify the right

More than necessary

Not a sign of might

But a stain in the plenary

Life is an orchestrated song

A wrong rejected is not right

A right exalted becomes wrong

Simple reasons for losing sight

So, underline the wrong with your word

Without qualifying by excess feeling

Be firm on the right without being absurd

A delicate balance brings out the meaning

© Venkat


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