98. Life’s Riddle

The nature of life’s riddle

One cannot measure

There is enough to fuddle

And repent at leisure

When pleasure ceases to attract

Yet you experience it

A matter of fact

To hold you steady, not drift

When fame is no longer the urge

Yet you continue to perform

A control to your splurge

Becomes a time for self-reform

When struggle appears to block

Yet becomes your way of life

You turn solid as a rock

Find answer to obstacles rife

When feelings don’t hold back thought

Your speech as free flowing as water

You get over all the wars you fought

Gain power of mind over matter

When the goal remains limitless

On the road to freedom

You light up the darkness

Give no chance to boredom

With scars from life inevitable

When you never stop to heal

You give life to the incapable

To stand up, not kneel

When knowledge becomes insufficient

You look into the lives of those around

To realize enlightenment

And make up for lost ground

The nature of life’s riddle

If you now understand

Is hard to battle

Making it undoubtedly grand

© Venkat


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