97. Equality

Rules of life to abide

Armed with principles

Yet I never reach the tide

Spinning in dark riddles

Head held high yet broken

Tapered flow of my thought

Logical words mistaken

Reactions from games I fought

Good intentions at heart

Melt like castles of sand

What is wrong on my part?

I fail to understand

Knowing wrong from right

Seems not enough

Why do I lose my sight?

When the going gets rough

I seem caught in my knot

A spider in goo

Why does He put me in spot?

Playing peek-a-boo

As I amble in the corridors of time

I recognize my limp

Stop seeing my failure as crime

Yet know myself as a wimp

The moments I reject

Are those I never experienced

The points I deflect

Blind to feelings not evinced

The answer it transpires

Lies in realizing the equality

Of nature, faults and desires

Across every age of humanity

© Venkat


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