95. Fact of the Matter

Perfect, squiggly lines

An artist with dreams in hand

Language of the word shines

A writer with thoughts, an ocean grand

Nimble, sublime movement

A dancer with graceful insight

Sound of symphony, opalescent

A musician shedding delight

Wonderful people, amazing earth

My heart jealous with fear

Scars on my mind from birth

Seeing my hollowness here

A taste lingering bitter

I have come to despise

To see others better

Feel envy seeing them rise

Caught in life’s subtle trap

Moments of deafness

A society’s madcap

I roam in my illness

Wise words in my lap

I often dream about

Wake me in my nap

Leaving me in doubt

The fact of the matter

Appears hard to find

Others seem better

Until you open your mind

Don’t hold back

Or hold on till you curse

Don’t leave your track

You’re neither better nor worse

© Venkat


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