92. Cycle of Success

 Practice makes perfect

 An ideal to live by

 Three words to reflect

 Seems hard if you try

 Secret of human success

 Lies in good habit

 Thoughts not in excess

 But repeated in cycles to fit

 It is the Law of nature too

 To recur events with season

 If you think it through

 No cycle occurs without reason

 An irony of human nature

 Repeated loops in the mind

 Can chain a man of any stature

 Leaving him weary and blind

 When brain plays an imagery

 With same sounds and same feeling

 You lose your bravery

 Blocking openness to relating

 All negative states of mind

 Seem slaves to repeated sensation

 Freedom is hard to find

 With feelings in circular rotation

 Here I sum up my poetic thought

 Mark my words or you’ll go mad

 Repeat yourself on what you sought

 When it feels good or whenever bad

© Venkat


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